Refractory Bricks

High-temperature applications require a special type of building material. For furnaces, kilns and other types of high-temperature facilities, high alumina insulation brick is often used because of its ability to withstand thousands of degrees F.

These bricks are used in refractories for the same reasons. If you have an application needing a material that must resist high temperatures trust using a high alumina brick to insulate the inside of the kiln, furnace or oven.

Phosphate combined brick

Phosphate combined with high alumina wear-resisting brick is using compacted alumina clinker as aggregate and make phosphate as bounding agent . ...

Mullite refractory brick

Zirconia Alumina Mullite wear-resisting refractory brick uses Zirconia Alumina and Mullite as main raw materials , it is formed by high pressure and high temperature sintering .

Insulation refractory brick

1.High insulating properties
2.Strong compressive strength
3.Low heat storage and Energy saving
4.ISO certificate

Low thermal conductivity refractory brick

Low thermal conductivity refractory brick has characteristics of high strength and low thermal conductivity compare with same kind product which could be used on the heat insulation separator of CFB boiler where has higher requirement of strength .

High alumina insulation bricks

This kind of brick is we developed the other type light weight refractory product according to the market need , it has advantages of high temperature resistance ...

High alumina wear-resisting refractory brick

Alumina bricks(Wear-resisting refractory brick) are made from bauxite of super quality, bonding chamotte and additives. The main Al203 content is 48%-99%.

High strength refractory brick

High strength wear-resisting refractory bricks are using corundum. Carborundum and high alumina as main raw has characteristics of high strength compression 、high abrasion resistance

High alumina refractory bricks

High alumina refractory brick use high alumina as main raw materials, it is formed by high temperature sintering through matrix strengthening with the pellet’s tight coupling and add combined binder .

Light weight insulating bricks

This series of light weight insulating brick has very good creep resistance ,higher breaking strength and smaller reheating linear change rate and lower heat conductivity ...

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